Hello, welcome to Crystal Doves Spiritual Centre's website. The founders of the centre are Emma L Mather and Yvonne Parry.


Our aim is to inspire enlightenment in others by raising awareness. The more we learn and grow spiritually the more we raise our vibration. 


 - DEVELOPMENT CLASSES & ONLINE SESSIONS/COURSES We have a weekly Development Class based in Wigan on every Tuesday from 7:30pm until 9:30pm only £5 admission to attend or can pay on door. The classes focuses on the development of mediumship, pyschic abilities, crystals and more, including knowledge to bring to expand on the awareness. Or if you would prefer online tuition, please contact us via the E-Mail listed below or Mobile number. We can also be found on Facebook.


- DEMONSTRATIONS & EVENTS We have the occasional demonstrations of Mediumship, Spirit Art and other spiritual events. Refreshents always provided at the centre such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cold drinks, cake and biscuits

Facebook: www.facebook.com/crystaldovesspiritualcentre

Website: www.crystaldoves.co.uk For more information contact us via e-mail or mobile:

Emma L Mather: emma@crystaldoves.co.uk / 07516855844

Yvonne Parry: yvonne@crystaldoves.co.uk / 07593306859

Or to contact us via admins@crystaldovesspiritualcentre.co.uk


We like to help others to spread their wings within the unfoldment of their development on their journey.


We will run a Mediumship Development Class on every Wednesday from 7:30pm until 9:30pm. just £5 admission fee. We teach about the mechanics behind the mediumship, working with spirit guides, loved ones and more.

Refreshments will be available such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks, including cake and biscuits.

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For our Mediumship Development & Awareness Classes are the evenings the centre is open:


Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9:30pm