Emma L Mather & Yvonne Parry


Yvonne Parry and Emma L Mather are the Admins/Founders of Crystal Doves Spiritual Centre, together they ran the centre from 2017. The centre was renamed in 2019. We run Mediumship & Awareness classes every Wednesday evening and a Trance group every Monday evening. Emma and Yvonne have been doing mediumship to public in 2012 and have been doing one to one readings including group readings together through the years. Yvonne Parry was spiritually aware from a young age, seeing spirit, hearing them and having some extraordinary experiences, she was afraid at first due to the lack of knowledge back in the day (1970s) as she was unable to seek any books regarding what she was experiencing, only to realise a few years later after she finally could find knowledge, of what it was all about. Yvonne's daughter Emma had the same similar experience from the age of 2 she was seeing and hearing spirit. Emma is able to express what she experiences through her art, drawing/painting loved ones, guides etc from the etheric (spirit).


Emma L Mather is a Spirit Artist and Medium, she works on the creative side of the field aswell as with the mechanics behind the mediumship. Emma also passes on knowledge and wisdom directly from spirit to spread awareness about the spirit world and uncovering a wide range of subjects from spirit and our soul’s purpose.

Yvonne Parry is a Spirit Medium, she passes on knowledge, wisdom from spirit and can assists in teaching the mechanics behind the mediumship, helping others growth within their development, spreading enlightenment, the belief system, expanding on the awareness. Yvonne is also able to aid those to find their life’s purpose.


Crystal Doves Spiritual Centre Inspires:


* Awareness


* Auras and their meanings


* Mediumship


* Mechanics behind the Mediumship


* Understanding Crystals and their energy vibrations


* Sound Healing


* Spiritual Healing


* Spiritual Art, Jewellery and other Creations


* Insightful Knowledge inspired by Spirit


* Meditations


* Talks about the afterlife and experiences

Yvonne Parry Spirit Medium

& Emma L Mather Spirit Medium & Artist.


Yvonne is able to connect with spirit passing messages of loved ones or from spirit guides, including evidential information.


Emma is able to connect with spirit of either loved ones or spirit guides expressed through the art, including passing messages and evidential information.



Reiki Practioners, Mediumship, Working with Crystals, Angels and Ethereal Energy.

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For our Mediumship Development & Awareness Classes are the evenings the centre is open:


Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9:30pm